HT-2402. Computer Servo Control Material Testing Machine
* This tester conforms many international standards like CNS, JIS, DIN, ASTM, ISO…etc.
* This tester is widely adopted by different fields like research institute, universities and colleges, civil
engineering, metal, steel & metal casting, hardware, machinery, cable & wire, chain, constructional
materials, aluminum items and soft piping, plastic, rubber, electric & electronic, package material,
components for sports equipment, spring, tire and so on. And this tester is also suitable for conduct
the tests of tensile, compression, bending, transverse…etc. If some additional accessories are
added, it is available to perform the tests of tensile, compression peeling, adhesion, shear, torsion,
hardness, bursting…and so forth. For most finished or semi-finished products, this tester is the most
essential instrument in any material testing laboratory.